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Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Brussels Sprouts and Twinkies

I think there are only advantages to attaining a networked classroom.  This could very well go back to the brussels spouts or twinkies conversation.  There is useful technology and there is fluff.  The point of implementing a networked classroom is to provide both.  I've seen the levels of engagement when technology is implemented and I've also seen the same level of engagement when technology is not present.  What we are trying to accomplish here is to provide our students with an education that prepares them to be successful in a global economy.  Students need opportunities and we need to provide those by whatever means we can.  I do believe that learners can only benefit from technology based activities that are relevant to their needs and their interests.  Networking and sharing ideas and information with other students in our country and around the world can only broaden a student's schema and give them more knowledge by which to build on.  They then have the unique opportunity to think outside of themselves.  I think that before we "jump in" we should consider whether and how Web- based materials will be used and to what degree this adds to the students education.  It can't all be twinkies.

Networked classrooms provide opportunites for students to participate with a larger audience.  We all know that "stepping out of the box" can provide for a greater and deeper understanding.  It enhances our creativity and allows for cooperative and collaborative sharing and learning.  Gaining perspective (brussels sprouts) can never be a bad thing.  We could probably could all use a few more greens.


  1. Lori,
    I agree with your comment about engagement. I too have seen some very engaged students in classrooms where technology is not present. On the flip side, I have seen some very engaged students where technology is present and used for learning activities. A lot of teachers I see use the computer lab for games, which is fine sometimes, but there is SO MUCH MORE out there for students. I like your analogy about the Twinkies and Brussels sprouts. It's so true!

  2. I agree that technology is not the answer to education but it can be an effective tool when used correctly. I do agree with you that it seems like some people assume that because technology is part of a lesson students will be engaged. I think that as teachers we need to find the right resources that work for our classroom and not force technology just to be using it. I do like your Twinkies and Brussel Sprouts analogy.