My Summer Reading

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Brussels Sprouts and Twinkies

I wanted to start by saying that I'm really enjoying the reading in "Personal Learning Networks: Using the power of connections to transform education".  I have to make reference to one of my favorite lines in the book so far that I read early in the book.  "Some technology is Twinkies and some technology is Brussels sprouts".  I love this line and I think it's probably one of the most important pieces of what we're learning about technology today.  Basically, there are tons of gadgets and toys available.  As individuals we have to decide which is which for us at any given time.  Brussels sprouts are highly nutritious but not to much fun to eat. (no offense to brussels sprout lovers) ie. things we learn and need to know.  Twinkies, however, are a sweet treat with a creamy filling.  ie. what we do for fun.  Our PLN's should be both brussels spouts and Twinkies.  Most of us are beginning this venture eating brussels spouts but as we grow our networks, we hope there are Twinkies along the way.


  1. I love your observations and comparisons with this quote. I also smiled when I read this and made some personal connections. Personally, I think I have a lot of Twinkies right now. I've skipped eating my brussel sprouts. After getting started with this text, I now understand why I need to go back and eat those sprouts!

  2. LOL! Love your post Lori. I really like the reading in the PLN book too. I hope you enjoy both the Twinkies and brussels sprouts you come across in this course.

  3. Great analogy Lori! I'll remember to think Twinkies, not brussel sprouts!